January 16, 2021



Denver Music Venues

As the original mastermind of all Denver Music Venues, Herman’s Hideaway is the best place to find great bands playing any night of the week. We are a proud, Denver-born and raised family-run business that opened our doors in 1962 and founded our amazing music scene in 1982. We consider the incredible collective group of musicians who have graced our stage over the years family, and so many of them consider us the same.  We aren’t run and operated by a billionaire in another part of the country.  We’re right here in Denver and have as great of a stake in the local music scene as the bands that call our Denver music venue home. Over the past few years, music venues are sprouting up all over town, but Herman’s is still the place where you can go pay a minimum cover (if at all), hang out, have a drink, and listen to bands and artists living the dream.

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