Herman's is always looking for bands, artists, comics, promoters, private parties, and/or any/all types of events... If any of that peaks your interest and you share our passion for planning and executing well-attended, memorable live entertainment experiences, we would absolutely love to hear from you!



Herman’s Hideaway is a killer venue for artists and show-goers alike.
• world-class sound system
• big stage, dance floor, patio with which to spread out!,
• staff comprised of "foodies" who pour stiff drinks
• free parking, centrally located (blocks from I-25 and Broadway)
• Oh yeah, don't forget HISTORY! (decades of bands like: 311, Janes Addiction, Faith No More, Rakim, Dave Matthews Band, the list goes on...)

If you are interested in booking, follow these easy steps:

1. FIRST fill out this FORM with all your relevant information; (follow the booking link above, you’re already here)
2. If you cannot fill out the online form, send a short email, include link(s), and relevant information: date(s) of interest, artist(s) names, etc...
3. There are quite a few variables that will determine how we can help you. Prioritizing information is our job description (and we're well-practiced at sizing up a situation quickly). That said, being able to concisely summarize "WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/WHY" with a sense of value, and the least amount of B.S. possible, will serve you well and practically guarantees a response! Make it count. Shoot your shot thoughtfully and straightforwardly.
4. You may follow up via e-mail and/or our booking line at 303-777-2535. We do our best to get everyone, thank you in advance for (again) respecting our time with short-and-sweet, relevant info, and for providing link(s) for us to check out (so we know exactly what you're trying to book)!

5. DO NOT make us search for info/conversations. DO NOT blow up our inbox. Pick one method of communication & ONE spokesperson/representative if you're part of a larger group, and please continue to reply within the original thread containing the inquiry/information/deal, etc...

Attention Local Artists! - If you are a local artist, here are some *important* things to keep in mind:

You are responsible for bringing fans/customers to the club on the night of your show. That means you must promote your band/artist, and bring paying customers to the club to see you play. We'll meet you in the middle!

Be nice! As the saying goes, you get more bees with honey than vinegar - Meaning if you are friendly, you will make it that much easier to book when we are looking to fill dates/sets.

How will we know you are friendly? We see you at our bar, supporting the scene and original music!

If you see a night on our calendar and believe you have/are a solid fit, let us know. If you have an idea for a full line up for your show, we're open to consider that, too! While everyone would like to headline on a Friday or Saturday, we also book great events on weeknights, so don’t be afraid to take a show on one of those dates to demonstrate what you can do as a performer/promoter.

Promotions 101

Playing a show isn't as simple as showing up and plugging in. We ask that ALL bands/artists to promote their own shows to the best of their ability. After all, it's YOU on stage- why not perform to a full house? Here are some quick tips on how to work it:
1. Tell everyone you know to come see you perform.
2. Don’t take on more shows than you can promote or that your followers will support (don't tour Denver before or after your show at Herman’s).
3. In this day and age, make sure your band has some sort of online presence! The more buzz, the better. Family, friends, acquaintances, etc. - they're all potential fans.
4. Don’t underestimate word of mouth promotions!
5. Don't underestimate hand-to-hand promotions (leaving a flier, coupon, ticket, handbill with potential attendees can leave a lasting impression when it's later retrieved from a purse or pocket
6. If you request physical tickets, pick them up and distribute them. When an artist loads in for their show and the tickets they requested had collected dust (never actually leaving the venue); the lack of attendance to follow is statistically consistent and well-reflective of the general disregard we apparently mutually share now. A waste of time and resources.
6. Put your links EVERYWHERE (link all your online accounts within/throughout) so people can find anything/everything the might want to find! Attention spans are...
7. Contact the press.
8. Do all you can to get information to local record stores, shops and watering holes... in other words DROP TIX/FLYERS! DROP TIX/FLYERS! DROP TIX/FLYERS!
9. Come up with a PASSWORD and let us know before your show; your people recite YOUR password at the door, receive a discount (advance price), and YOU get credit/paid for their attendance... We also ask attendees who they came to see.

Some of that is pretty hard-core. It's all about respect. We want you to WIN! and again, we will meet meet you in the middle! Let's kick ass and have fun!

Herman’s is available for Private Parties, Wedding Receptions, Meetings and other events. Please contact or call 303-777-2535 with inquiries. because we cater to a variety of events

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If you have questions about the sound system , sound check or anything else sound related please email:

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