Sound Specs

House Engineers/System Tech: James Martinez & Dakota Consentino,

Hermans is equipped to record either a stereo or full multitrack recording of your performance ONLY if contacted and notified PRIOR to your set. *If you intend to do a full multitrack recording of your set, YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN HARD DRIVE to receive your files due to the file sizes.*
Please contact to coordinate the necessary details for any recording needs.

Equipment List:

(1x) Shure Beta 52, (2x) Shure SM-57, (7x) Shure SM-58.
(1x) Audix D6, (2x) Audix ADX51
(5x) Sennheiser e604, (2x) Sennheiser E609
(6x) Mono DI’s
All stands and cabling necessary to use all house mics.

FOH Console:
Midas X32 32 Channel Digital Console (wireless router connected for mix control)

(6X) JBL VRX932LA-1 Line Array, Three per side.

(2x) dual 18″ vented boxes

HF/Mid/low – (2x) Crown 6002 XTI Series

Subs – (2x) Crown 4002 XTI Series

Monitors: – Mixed from FOH – Four mixes + 4 in-ear stage send (5x) EV 112 two-way wedges (Four downstage (two wedges for center mix), one upstage for drum monitor)

Monitor Amps – QSC Powerlite 1.6HVX

* If your band needs more than 4 in-ear send, it is preferred you provide your own splits and mixer.  Also, you will need to advance with a technical rider specifying your set-up so that adequate time can be planned for setup and tear-down.

For questions regarding technical information, please contact:

Hip Hop/DJ Artists- Bring your own gear. YOU the artist are expected to provide playback connections to our system of a professional level, meaning 1/4" or XLR connections from your DJ mixer or audio interface. If you must use a iPod or Laptop for play back, please bring your own adapter. Do not just hand our sound engineer a cd or flash drive. Plan to operate your backing tracks from the stage either on your own or with a DJ.



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