January 24, 2021



Concerted Effort: Looking Back

We got a great review from the local concert blog, Concerted Effort. Here is an excerpt. You can also read the full article on their blog.

Out of all the venues covered on this blog there’s been one that, until now, has been curiously absent. It’s a place that’s been serving South Broadway for over 25 years, hosting over 25,000 bands on its stage over that time. That place is Herman’s Hideaway, a place started by the late Herman Roth and now run by his son Allan Roth and grandson Mike Roth. Perhaps I had some misconceptions about the place that kept me from going there before; the venue was too far from downtown, I wasn’t sure about the setup, and I wasn’t sure about the bands they booked. But after covering a show there, I realized those were just that – misconceptions.

Posted Tuesday, May 08, 2012 on www.concertedeffortblog.com by Peter Washington

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