Supplementary to Christopher Thomas's booking auto-reply re: changing role at Herman's


"make sure you include the entire booking team for future inquiries:

I'll also still be receiving the emails, but the booking team (which is amazing) will be handling a lot more of the actual booking directly as my role at Herman's changes a little to reflect our growth and a few of my other skill sets and developments."


Until recently, I hadn’t realized the full extent of the changes required on my behalf to meet the demands of our inevitable growth under Herman’s new managing partnership/ownership. Thank you for your patience as I’ve wrapped my head around the best ways to adapt my streamlined, self-reliant routine into a completely new, teamwork-oriented playbook, better-suited for the even bigger, long-envisioned goals we share, continuing to build upon the foundation I’ve worked so hard to achieve (individually & collectively). While Herman’s is obviously changing, I am still dedicated to preserving its long-standing history, relationships, and legendary reputation to the best of my ability (while I also embrace these exciting new changes).

One of the most positive changes is that I’m no longer required to carry the full weight of the duties related to booking/promotions, as i shift into more of an advisory/mentorship role to help guide this very talented booking team/department to the next level. Some of the additions to this team have already proven themselves to be very invaluable. There’s no training program like actual experience to fully appreciate the magnitude of unsung contributions/sacrifices, and skillsets which become second nature after 13+ years, so it’s really important for the booking team to get an actual “feel” for every aspect of the work entailed, by giving them the room/time they need to really settle in, as they expand upon some of their own experiences and also look to me as a resource as well. 


(I am also taking some well-earned, long-overdue down-time to continue appreciating the bigger picture as I make this shift)




Thank you again for your patience!

Talk to you soon!



CT pro smile


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