January 16, 2021



New Talent Showcase FAQ

So your band has an upcoming gig on a Tuesday or Wednesday night at Herman’s and you have a few questions.
Here are the answers to a bunch of them:

*What time do we show up to load in?* – Show up at One Hour, before you are scheduled to go on stage. There will be only 15-20 min. between acts, so be ready to load your gear onto the stage as soon as the earlier band has got their stuff off.

*Where do we load in and when?* – Load in as soon as you have arrived. Check in with the door guy (tell him which band you are and what color tickets you have). Then load your gear in through the front door. Bring you gear in, and place it out of the way by the far side of the stage. DO NOT BLOCK THE EXIT. This is a fire exit and the fire marshals don’t like it being blocked. You can bring your stuff in at any time, even while the other bands are playing. Please don’t bring in your friends or family through the load-in door. In order to check IDs, take tickets and keep an accurate count, we need people to come in through the main entrance.

*Can we use our own Guitar amps? or effects?* – Yes, you can bring in your own guitar amps, pedals, keyboards, etc. The club does have a house guitar amp that is available, if you don’t want to bring your own or if something breaks down. The house sound system is more than adequate to accommodate even the quietest of amps, so you don’t need to bring your full amp stacks, unless you just want it to look cool.

*Should we bring our own Microphones, speakers or PA?* – No, Herman’s has plenty of microphones and a very nice house sound system. You may bring your favorite vocal mic and plug it in, but that’s not required. We have plenty of mics for your amps and other gear.

*Do you have a sound engineer?* – Yes. Greg and Don are highly experienced and very nice to work with, as long as you treat them with respect, courtesy and professionalism. .

*Do we get free drinks?* – Not on the New Talent Showcase but make it to a Thurs., Fri., or Sat. night and beer is provided!

*Where should we park?* – There is ample free parking available on the streets. Lots of spots on Broadway and in the neighborhood behind Herman’s. Please be considerate of our neighbors. Do NOT park in the alley behind Herman’s.

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