January 15, 2021





Most bands will be provided with free (Wed. Night) or discount tickets to give away. Here are some Facts about the tickets that every band should know:

Your Tickets will be ready the Friday 5 weeks before your show. You can pick them up after 6 pm at the club Friday or Saturday that weekend.

If you want a jpeg of your ticket email chris@hermanshideaway.com with “tix jpeg” in the subject line (make sure your band name is on stub).

Each band is also encouraged to use Text Tickets. Just make a text on your phone that has the band name, the date of show and has the same amount of cover as your hard tickets (and what ever else you want to use to promote can be added). Then just send out and then, if your’re smart, have the people you text resend to all of their friends. This is a great tool to use a few days before the show to help spread the word and get tickets to the people that you might not have been able to get tickets to.

Each band is provided with tickets of a different color. When they come in, we count them by color and therefore determine which band is responsible for bringing which customers in to the show.

Pick your tickets up as soon as they become available. You risk not being asked back if you don’t even pick your tickets up. You will be called as soon as they are ready.

You can print your own tickets using one already issued as a template or create your own, just make certain that all the info is on there. Discount Tickets require payment with the ticket. Make sure you put that info on your ticket, exactly as it appears on the original. (Or bigger)

The term “General Admission” is required. This means that seating is on a first come first served basis.

Yes, you can give away tickets on your website. Just make sure that at the door we can tell which ones are yours without much effort. Put something on the ends of the tickets to make it clear they are yours. We only keep the stub, we don’t keep the whole ticket. Rubber Planet puts a “RP” in the upper right hand corner. You should use something that makes it very clear whose tickets they are when looking only at the stub.

Some people will only be able to print your tickets in black & white, so make sure there is no mistaking them when they come in.

Please include a note asking people to cut the tickets out before they bring them in to the club. We will accept them uncut, but it’s much easier if they are cut out.

Contact the webmaster or your booking person if you need help with your web tickets.

Each member of the band is allowed to turn in one ticket. If these are discount tickets, you must also pay, if you want the ticket to count.

You will not be allowed to put people on a guest list, give them tickets.

If you want to leave tickets for people at the door, please write their names really big on the backs of them or put them in envelopes with names on them.

We will not let you leave a stack at the door for anyone who doesn’t have a ticket. There must be a name associated with tickets left at the door. (“Joe Smith +2” is acceptable)

Please Do NOT ever leave tickets at the Red Pine Motel next door to Herman’s. They don’t like it and they cause trouble every time it happens.

Please Do NOT leave tickets out in front of Herman’s, on your car, at 7-11 or hand them out to people as they walk up to the door. That cuts into the take at the door (so there’s less money to pay the bands with) and throws off the count for the other bands.

Your tickets will be counted up after your set and you will be paid according to the previously agreed upon rate.

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