January 15, 2021



Denver Music Scene

Denver Music Scene at Hermans HideawayHerman’s Hideaway is the epicenter of the Denver music scene located on South Broadway between Evans and I-25. Born in the early 80’s out of a love and passion for music and a knack for connecting and supporting the Denver music scene, Herman’s is the premier music institution dedicated to the Denver bands. The biggest thing that sets us apart from others venues in town is that we are an independent, family-owned and operated business competing against venues that are ALL owned by millionaires and billionares who don’t really care about the scene or local bands, just their bottom line. The atmosphere here is always an experience to remember with the best sound system in Denver and the only venue with an open air patio.  The staff are always on their game and the bartenders are known for their heavy drinks. Great music, great people and strong drinks are what we consider heaven on earth and we think you will too.

Hermans Hideaway and the Denver Music Scene

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